About Us

Dat Moi Market is a family-owned and family-operated grocery store that was established in 1985 and is located in Gardena (southwestern Los Angeles), California. Our goal is to bring food from your native country to your dinner table. Our inventory includes a wide variety of seafood, fish, meat, fruit and vegetables from all over the world, along with dry goods products from:

•Australia                                     •Nigeria
•Belize                                         •New Zealand
•Brazil                                          •Taiwan
•Canada                                      •Thailand
•China                                         •Trinidad & Tobago
•Ghana                                        •United Kingdom
•Jamaica                                     •USA 
•Japan                                         •Vietnam
•Mexico                                       and many more!!!

OxtailWild Caught Parrot FishChippie's Banana ChipsLive Blue CrabLong BeansFresh Wild Caught Yellowtail SnapperTunnock's Caramel WafersFreshwater ShrimpBitter MelonStriped BassTitus SardinesDried CrayfishPlumsWild Caught MackerelTaro LeavesHabanero PeppersRaw PeanutsStrawberry GrouperGuinep